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Birthdate:Nov 22
Known as the wholly unimaginative Deskjob in fandom, and the even less helpful Met Sergeant in the film credits, Travis Martin is a fairly simple man. He’s spent the majority of his adult life acting as a sort of carer for his younger brother, Nicholas. And when you live with an obsessive-compulsive insufferable know-it-all pain in the arse your entire life, you do tend to try to distance yourself from exactly that sort of behaviour in your personal life.

Travis is everything Nicholas isn’t. He’s funny (or at least, he thinks he is), charming (again, that’s up for debate), and very open about everything (that... yeah, no one will argue that one). The only thing they really have in common is that they’re both police officers. Hell, even their last names are different.

When they say that they’re brothers, what they really mean to say is that they’ve known one another for as long as either of them can remember. One day when Travis was seven, and Nicholas was six, Travis simply followed him home. He lived with his single mum down the road, and she simply wasn’t home when he returned from school.

The Angel family more or less took him in at this point. By the time he was a teenager, Katherine and Patrick had obtained legal guardianship of the boy, but Travis had insisted on keeping his last name.

Now, he’s 33 years old, living in London, and trying to keep Nicholas from completely flying off the handle again. Fortunately, a large part of this is giving Nicholas plenty of alone time, which gives Travis plenty of time in pubs and clubs when he’s off duty. He feels like it’s his job to make up for Nicholas’ complete lack of a sense of humour and fun.

Unlike Nicholas, he also is not happy being a PC. He’d love to get off the streets and into a comfy desk job, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

Well... Not for a while, anyway.

Icons are largely taken from The Good Night and Men Only. A few are made by caps by gypsyjr.

Travis Martin is from the film Hot Fuzz, and exists here as a role playing account for mixed_muses and milliways_bar. Character belongs to Working Title Studios, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. His image belongs to Martin Freeman.

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